I offer an initial 40 minute consultation to all my clients to discuss what you want to achieve and find out whether Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is right for you.

If you would like further sessions, these generally last for an hour. For most people I recommend a minimum of 8-10 weekly sessions. This may vary depending on your needs and objectives. 

In a typical session, we will:

  • discuss how your life is going and what you would like to change

  • talk about how you can develop a more positive picture of what you want to achieve

  • place you in a trance state, which will allow us to access your subconscious brain and imprint these positive changes

The trance state is entirely natural; you will remain in full control throughout the session.

The initial consultation is £25, but this is refunded if you book further sessions. Each further session costs £60 which is payable on booking.

If you wish to cancel or postpone a session, please let me know immediately; cancellations within 24 hours are non-refundable.

A free relaxation MP3 is provided to all clients after the initial consultation to help you relax at home.