Why cats are mindfulness masters

Cats have got it just right...


It occurred to me recently whilst watching my cat do what he does best for at least 8 + hours a day that he's got it made, by this I mean napping and just generally looking after his own needs.

He's not afraid to just flump out when he needs to rest and avoid human contact if he so feels like it. You might think, well yes, everyone would love the life of a pampered cat without any responsibilities but it's just not realistic for us humans. Well let me tell you it's hard work being as handsome and adored as he is all the time! :-b  I digress, but what I'm trying to get at is that he feels no guilt when taking some recharging time for himself, he doesn't feel the need to apologise when he wants to be alone or just sleep.

I think society has made it so hard for us these days to know when to switch off from demands and information bombarding us constantly with social media and the Internet constantly on hand.

The thing is, we too need time to take stock and to process our thoughts and to empty out our internal stress buckets which hold all our daily experiences in our brain otherwise we feel worn down, overloaded and our anxiety levels begin to rise.

Next time you're feeling in need of some down time - feel no guilt and make like my cat, Basil!